MOD YOUR EQUIPMENT! Part 2 / by Joseph Donzis

There are some things you do in your life that you're extremely proud of, there's some things you hate, and some things you love.  I feel all those ways about my new video light/photography flash power supply, which I lovingly call my LightTrap.  It was difficult work, a little more expensive than I'd hoped when I started, but is beautiful and super cool to look at.

I'm especially excited about this project because I created my first Instructable detailing how I built it; check it out here and like/vote for it, since I've submitted it for a contest to win a new camera!

The backstory for this project goes back to a photoshoot I did for a hookah lounge of a belly dancer.  The pictures turned out great, but the shoot had a few issues: mainly my flashes.  When I was taking pictures, my flashes drained their batteries and began to fire slower and slower and slower... At first, I was able to take pictures with 2-3 seconds between flashes, then 5-6 seconds between flashes, then so many seconds that I had quite a few pictures lit poorly  or not at all.  This power supply gives me consistency, makes me less reliable on batteries (good for my wallet, good for the environment), and looks super cool.  Using it, I've actually become quite the Batterybuster!  But, I mean, JUST LOOK AT IT!  In fact, I'm done talking about it, here's some pictures:

Mmmmm... childhood memories...

Knick-Knacks and Doodads!

Bringing the old days into the new with a USB charger and digital readouts!

I was obviously inspired by a specific set of movies from my childhood in the design of this LightTrap and have to admit that I'm quite fond of looking at it.  This power supply is really cool considering that it gets its power from some old recycled computer power supplies and is able to run my flashes, my video lights, and can jump-start my car; which makes it not only good for me, but good for the environment, since there's less computer scrap laying in a heap somewhere!

6 volts

9 volts

12 volts

Not only is it cool looking and great for powering my equipment, I added USB ports so that clients can charge their phones off my new LightTrap.  When trying to obtain and keep clients, you want to have something which will set you apart from your competition; why not be known as the photographer with a power supply from one of the greatest movie series ever which also charges phones?

This build was messy, difficult, and long, but that's not the point; the point is the power supply looks amazing and will let me take more and better pictures.  You may notice that this post was published a little later than usual, part of that is because I was spending time playing around with my new LightTrap.  Please, go to and check out and light my build here.  And look at it again!  Oh, how I love it...