I Photographed the Brother / by Joseph Donzis

This weekend, I got to be part of my friends', Ian Smith and Amanda Arena, wedding as a groomsman.  Being such a welcoming couple, they were more than happy to allow me to bring my camera along nearly the entire time.  During all this, I got some really great shots.

I love this one, for example, for its tenderness, traditional appearance, and simplicity.  All on its own, this photo shows the love between the happy couple, revealing Amanda's beaming attitude and Ian's infatuation for his soon-to-be wife.

Or this one, for its dynamic range and crisp level of detail.  You immediately understand the importance of this document, and as you look closer, you can even see the text and him copying his name in Hebrew to be signed.  Overall, it's a relatively broad focus, but I reduced my depth of field a little to draw the eye to his glasses and the document- both set on the same plane to emphasize the importance of it all.

The one thing I did not get to photograph was the bride and bridesmaids getting ready.  These are some of my favorite moments to capture; I can get in really close and intimate on objects such as shoes, zippers, the dress laid out to bring life into these ordinary items.  A pair of hands helping someone else with a strap becomes the hands of a craftsman tailor-fitting a beautiful gown.  The bride: longingly looking out the window while adjusting her clothes...  Instead, I was stuck with the bride's brother while he finished his shower and changed into ordinary clothes before we got ready at the venue.  I was determined, though.  Maybe the bride didn't want the preparation treatment, but I was gonna get some pictures of someone getting ready for a wedding- so I did what any non-thinking human would do: I photographed the bride's brother getting ready.  Fortunately, he was a great sport about the whole thing.  The part which surprised me the most is how well everything turned out.

Granted, it is a little shocking to see ordinary clothes in the positions of the wedding gown and shoes, or a guy in his boxers putting on socks in the place of the bride adjusting her leggings; but it was all far more classy than I expected it to look, and better yet it was a lot of fun.  I doubt I would dare do this ever again for a client in the future, but I will also never forget the time I photographed the brother.